Fake It Till You Make It

Jesus promises us tribulation in this world (John 16:33). Not only will there be suffering, but we are also called to give, serve, live on mission, love God, love others, and lay our whole life down as a sacrifice. This can be overwhelming at times.

In some seasons of life, we don’t “feel God.” We question our salvation. We know all the right answers, but our heart isn’t always there. How does a Christian handle times like that?

You Have To Fake It Till You Make It

You need to turn loving God into a habit. Discipline should be your best friend. Work out of your own strength to pray, read your Bible, and do more for God. When in doubt, just follow your heart. God will surely honor and help those who help themselves. In no time at all you should feel closer to God and right back in step on the Christian walk.

Even if your heart isn’t any closer to God, faking it will keep others from seeing your flaws, sins, and doubts. If everyone around you is convinced that you too are living a victorious, successful Christian life, that positive energy will eventually lift your spirits and allow you to “mount up with wings like eagles” (Isa. 40:31).

If you start to feel beat down and depressed, don’t give up; it just means you’re doing something wrong. Don’t ever relax or rest; you’ve got to give 110% if you want to get to the top. Besides, depending on the grace of God for your spiritual growth is for second rate Christians.

Don’t ever admit sins or failures. It’s essential that you appear spiritual, or at the very least, always improving. Repentance is important at the beginning of your Christian walk, but once you’ve been a Christian for a few years, you should be free of most sin.

If this is you, then remember: fake it till you make it.


I hope your theological radar was going off as you read this post. It’s all bad news (April Fools’). If you want good news on this and not just terrible advice, then I’d recommend my interview with Paul Tripp. At about 44 minutes in, he talks about how people can change through grace.