Release of Is it My Fault?

Lindsey and I wrote a book about domestic violence that releases today: Is It My Fault?: Hope and Healing for Those Suffering Domestic Violence.

The number of occurrences of domestic violence in the United States is staggering: at least one in four women become victims of domestic violence in their lifetime.

Is It My Fault? was written for those suffering domestic abuse—typically women—and serves as a resource on healing from the emotional pain resulting from domestic violence by giving a clear understanding of what the Bible says about violence against women.  Combining the authors’ theological training with straightforward and practical advice, the book addresses questions like:  What does the Bible say about women?  What does the Bible say about God delivering victims?  Does the Bible say I should suffer abuse and violence?

Is It My Fault? points readers toward the consistent thread that runs throughout the Old and New Testaments emphasizing God’s love, compassion, and mercy, while opposing cruelty, violence, and abuse.  In light of this, the authors state that there is simply no justification for abuse. Importantly, the book helps women take critical next steps to identify whether they are currently in an abusive relationship, how to get help immediately and how to make a safety plan.

“Our hope is that this book will encourage you to believe that God knows and sees your suffering, and that God cares about you and hears your cries and prayers.  He cares for you so much that He wants you safe from threat and violence.  If you have children, He wants them safe, too.  But even beyond physical safety, God wants you to heal from the many ways you’ve been hurt and wounded.”

Is it My Fault? also serves as a valuable resource for pastors, ministry leaders, friends, and family, providing guidance on how to care for victims of domestic violence.