Daughters Are a Gift from God

My wife recently gave birth to our second daughter. My little girls melt my heart constantly. They are beautiful, sweet, and affectionate.  It is a huge honor to have the privilege of being their daddy.

This post is to tell you about two amazing books every dad of a little girl should have. They aren’t parenting books, but are more focused on the joy of God’s gift of daughters to you and on your role as a father.

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad

Why A Daughter Needs A Dad: 100 Reasons by Gregory E. Lang

This book offers 100 reasons why a daughter needs a dad, but here are my top 10:

A daughter needs a dad…

  1. to show her that true love is unconditional
  2. to teach her that her value as a person is more than the way she looks
  3. to teach her that family is more important than work
  4. to show her that a man can be trustworthy
  5. to be the safe spot she can always turn to
  6. to teach her that a man’s strength is not the force of his hands or his voice, but the kindness of his heart
  7. to be the standard against which she will judge all men
  8. to help her take risks that will build her confidence
  9. to hold her when she cries
  10. to teach her she is important by stopping what he is doing to watch her

The Love Between Fathers and Daughters

The Love Between Fathers and Daughters by Helen Exley

This book is filled with great quotes about father and daughters.  Again, here are some favorites:

He grows with her, learning as they go.  He feels with her—each restlessness, each fear, each pain. She laughs and he is overjoyed. She reaches out her little arms to him and he rejoices. She sleeps on his shoulder and he does not move her, for fear of waking her….All disappointments, all failures fade like a mist before this golden girl. His daughter. (Pam Brown)

Every day of my life has been a gift from him.  His lap had been my refuge from lightning and thunder.  His arms had sheltered me from teen-age heartbreak. His wisdom and understanding had sustained me as an adult. (Neille Pike Randall)

When you are a father, and you hear your children’s voices, you will feel that those little ones are akin to every drop in your veins; that they are the very flower of your life and you will cleave so closely to them that you seem to feel every movement that they make. (Honoré de Balzac)