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Pre-order Bundle: God Made Me In His Image

Pre-order Bundle: God Made Me In His Image

Lindsey and I wrote our second children’s book, God Made Me In His Image: Helping Children Appreciate Their Bodies, which releases August 30. Thankfully, Trish Mahoney is the illustrator. In a society overflowing with negative messages about physical appearance and personal worth, children’s body image is an urgent issue. Parents get to encourage children to appreciate their bodies and to address questions they may have about beauty, worth, and body image.

We are excited to announce that everyone who pre-orders our book will receive $65+ worth of books and music for FREE. That’s three books and seven albums! If you pre-order God Made Me In His Image, you will receive these gifts:

  1. eBook of our first children’s book, God Made All of Me: Helping Children Protect Their Bodies
    • Received the ECPA Bronze Award for over 100,000 copies sold
  2. eBook of Justin Holcomb’s book, On the Grace of God
  3. eBook of Julie Lowe’s book, Helping Your Anxious Child
  4. “Questions with Answers” Volume 1-6 Collection by Dana Dirksen at Songs for Saplings
    • Volume 1: God and Creation
    • Volume 2: The Fall and Salvation
    • Volume 3: Christ and His Work
    • Volume 4: The Word of God
    • Volume 5: Prayer and the Sacraments
    • Volume 6: Christ and His Return 
  5. Meet the Rizers” album by The Rizers

Here are the details to receive these gifts:

  1. Pre-order from Amazon, New Growth Press, or your local bookstore.
  2. Send your proof of purchase to This can be anything that confirms you have pre-ordered the book (email receipt, screen shot of your order confirmation, etc.). This pre-order promotion is open to anyone who has already pre-ordered the book and it will be available until the book is released.
  3. The email from which you send the proof of purchase will receive the gifts. If you would like someone else to receive the gifts, please indicate that in the email.

Please help get the word out about the book and this pre-order offer by sharing it with friends and on social media. Also, please call your local bookstore and ask them to carry God Made Me In His Image. Here is a Look Inside.