Name That Syncretism

Want to play a game? First, let me set it up.

In 2007, an Episcopal priest (the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding)converted to Islam. But it was a different sort of conversion. She (supposedly) didn’t disavow Christianity but simply blended in her Muslim beliefs. People termed her an Episcoslamic Muslipalian.

Last month, the diocese of Northern Michigan elected Father Forrester, a professed Zen Buddhist, as their bishop. Now a Muslim-Christian makes a bit more sense since both are monotheistic traditions. But blending a theistic religion and non-theistic philosophy seems difficult. People have called him aBuddhapalian.
This isn’t just a Christian + “other religions” phenomenon. Recently, I had a conversation with someone who referred to himself as a “Jew-Bu” (a hybrid of Jewish and Buddhist).
Instead of arguing against this shmorgisborg approach to religion, let’s play a game. What’s the most creative religious pairing you can come up with? For some inspiration, you might want to visit a discussion at SoulPancake and read answers to the question “Is it possible to be a part of more than one religion? Do you have to choose?”
I’ll start. “Scientatholic” is Scientology + Catholicism. This guilt isn’t free. You have to pay thousands of dollars for it.