Helping HeartSupport

Please help me get copies of Rid of My Disgrace to victims of sexual assault.

I have become friends with Jake Luhrs, who is the lead singer for August Burns Red  and founder of HeartSupport. HeartSupport is an online community, mostly for youth, that speaks about important issues such as abuse, depressions, self-harm, addiction, and pornography. August Burns Red is playing the Warped Tour and Heart Support has a tent at all the stops to connect with anyone who wants to talk to the HeartSupport team. They are also giving away Bibles and books.

They have been giving away copies of Rid of My Disgrace, the book Lindsey and I wrote that is about hope and healing for sexual assault victims. Our publisher, Crossway, gave HeartSupport 25 copies to give away and Lindsey and I gave them some copies too.  I was at the first stop of the tour in Seattle and watched Jake and his HeartSupport team give away book after book to young women and men.

Crossway and I made a plan to get copies to HeartSupprot so they can continue to give the book away.  Lindsey and I are giving-up our royalties and Crossway is offering a discount so that we can get copies to HeartSupport for $5 each. So, every $5 you give is a free book to a young woman or man who has been sexually abused or knows someone who has.

Watch Jake’s video below about his experience giving the book to people.

You can donate HERE through Mosaic, which is a non-profit Lindsey and I started, to give a tax deductible donation. You can also donate on HeartSupport. Please indicate that you are giving to help them give away copies of Rid of My Disgrace.

Rid of My Disgrace Fundraiser Needs from HeartSupport on Vimeo.