Stupid Things People Say to Challenge Someone’s Manhood

Men say some pretty stupid things to other men in attempts to make them feel less masculine.  It’s a weird game that some men play and it usually starts off with “Real men…..” or “If you were a ‘real man’ you’d…”

It really is kind of tragic and sad since the men who says these things do so mostly out of fear.  Men know that they are under the constant careful scrutiny of other men.  In his essay, “Masculinity as Homophobia,” Michael Kimmel argues: “Masculinity is a homosocial enactment.  We test ourselves, perform heroic feats, take enormous risks, all because we want other men to grant us our manhood.” When men are performing masculinity for the approval of other men, the overriding emotion that accompanies this version of masculinity is fear.

I asked some friends what they have heard.  Below is the list.  I’ll add to it as I get more.

1. Real men drive SUVs, not minivans.

2. If you were a real man, you’d like beer.

3. Real men don’t cry.

4. Real men don’t hug other men.

5. Real men gotta have sex atleast once a day.

6. Real men don’t cook.